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On About That Smile everything revolves around the topic of invisible braces. In doing so, we provide carefully researched information and try to answer open questions as best we can.

However, you can only find out whether tooth correction with aligners is possible in your individual case from your dentist or orthodontist or from the respective aligner providers.

We also recommend that you always consult with a dentist before deciding on aligner treatment.

Of course, this also applies to all other dental questions as well as problems or pain that occur during the course of the tooth correction.

Because About That Smile cannot replace medical advice and serves only as a source of information and inspiration.

Regular control appointments are essential

Twice a year, the appointment for a dental check-up should also appear on your calendar. This always applies in principle – but especially during your tooth correction with invisible aligners.

Because here the dentist checks not only teeth and gums, but also checks the condition of the oral mucosa and tongue.

In this way, it is possible to detect any diseases of the teeth such as caries or gum problems in time and, if necessary, start therapy.

Don’t neglect these appointments even if you don’t have any pain or problems. This is because wearing the aligners can aggravate undetected dental diseases if necessary.

Feel free to contact us for questions and feedback

Do you have questions about invisible braces or would you like us to cover a specific topic on this website?

Then feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Of course, we also welcome other suggestions and feedback.

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