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Smileunion Review: Do the aligners deliver what they promise?

How well do Smileunion aligners work in practice? The positive and negative Smileunion experiences of former and current patients.

Smileunion is a German manufacturer of aligners. The company offers invisible alignerthat can correct mild to moderate tooth misalignments within 3 to 7 months.

Discreet, painless and completely without unsightly wires and brackets in the mouth. A promise that sounds almost too good to be true.

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So it’s no wonder that more and more customers are opting for invisible aligners. This is because, especially in adulthood, many people simply cannot imagine wearing fixed braces.

But how do the Smileunion experiences of current and former patients turn out and do the aligners really deliver what they promise?

Woman holding aligner in hand - Smileunion experience

How does dental treatment with aligners actually work?

The so-called aligners are flexible plastic aligner. They are completely transparent and thus almost invisible to third parties.

The transparent splints are slipped over the teeth for a perfect fit. There they fit tightly and exert constant pressure due to their shape.

This pressure ensures that the teeth are gradually pushed into the desired position. In this way, the aligners are able to discreetly correct various tooth misalignments in just a few months.

However, only uncomplicated malocclusions of the anterior teeth can be treated. This includes, for example, crooked teeth or even smaller gaps between the teeth.

Smileunion aligners are not suitable for serious malocclusions – such as severe overbite and other types of malocclusion. Currently, only Invisalign products are suitable for this purpose.

The alignermust be worn for at least 22 hours per day to guarantee optimal tooth correction. You should only take them out for brushing your teeth and eating.

Drinking, on the other hand, is no problem with Smileunion aligners. They should only not be used if you consume coloring beverages. These include, for example, red wine, cola or black tea.

This is because the color pigments can cause the invisible braces to gradually lose transparency and, accordingly, become no longer invisible.

After consuming sugary drinks, it is important to clean the aligners afterwards.

Smileunion offers the treatment only for adults 18 years and older. This is due to the fact that the dentition (jaws and teeth) may no longer be in growth.

Smileunion treatment: Can malocclusions be corrected with aligners?

Unlike other aligner providers, Smileunion gives you two options: First, you can make a free appointment at a partner practice.

Alternatively, you can also have an impression box sent to your home without obligation. The starter set contains everything you need for the impressions and photos of your teeth.

And so it goes on:

  • You will visit the partner practice where photos and impressions of your teeth will be taken or a 3D scan will be made.
  • Alternatively: You make photos and impressions at home with the help of the starter set and send them to Smileunion.
  • The doctors specializing in digital orthodontics will analyze your case and create an individual treatment plan, which you will receive by email.
  • In the treatment plan you can see both the planned course and the result. Only when you decide to undergo the treatment, a contract is concluded and costs are incurred.
  • Your alignerwill then be custom made in the dental lab and shipped to your home.
  • Invisible braces must be worn at least 22 hours a day and changed every ten days.
  • On average, the treatment lasts from 3 to 7 months.
  • The teeth are then stabilized with a retainer splint to prevent them from shifting back to their original position.
  • During the treatment you can communicate with the doctors via Skype, phone, WhatsApp or email.

So far so good – but does it all work so smoothly in practice?

Woman holding aligner in hand - closeup

Smileunion experience at the rating portal Trustpilot

When looking for Smileunion experiences on the Internet, rating portals are a good place to start. One of them is Trustpilot.

Trustpilot is an independent company that collects reviews from customers, and makes them publicly available.

Smileunion and its invisible braces receive an overall rating of 4.2/5 points here (as of January 2023).

In total, Smileunion has already received 48 reviews, 84% of which were in the very good range (4 and 5 stars). 16% of users share more negative experiences with Smileunion on the platform and rate the company with 1, 2 or 3 stars.

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Book a consultation appointment now at a nearby DrSmile partner practice and find out if teeth straightening with aligners is right for you.

The appointment is completely non-binding and does not involve any costs.

With the code “THATSMILE150” you will receive 150 € discount on the treatment.

Smileunion experiences at Trusted Shops and Shopauskunft

Trusted Shops is a Cologne-based company that offers online stores and their customers services in the form of a seal of approval, a buyer protection procedure and a system of customer ratings.

Here, too, are some Smileunion experiences from current and former patients. A total of 28 reviews were published and Smileunion received a score of 4.58 (“Very Good”). Status: January 2023.

The independent rating portal Shopauskunft also creates transparency by collecting real ratings.

The experience with Smileunion is also good here. The aligner provider receives a rating of “Good” with 4.06 out of 5 stars. However, only 4 reviews have been published here.

Man holds aligner in hand and makes grimace

Positive Smileunion experiences: What is praised by users?

On the Trustpilot platform, many patients confirm that their final result matches the simulation in the treatment plan.

In many cases, communication with customer service is also prompt and straightforward. The starter set for making prints and photos at home is also praised in some Smileunion experiences.

There also seem to be few problems with the invisible alignerthemselves. The ease of use is often emphasized and most users could also quickly get used to the frequent insertion and removal of the aligners.

Some of them even report that they have been snacking less and paying more attention to dental hygiene since starting treatment.

Negative experiences with Smileunion: What do patients criticize?

Of course, we also don’t want to let the negative experiences with Smileunion fall under the table here. When doing your research, however, you should always keep in mind that users tell about bad experiences much more often than good ones.

On Trustpilot, some negative Smileunion experiences mention that the delivery of the rails took a very long time.

Occasionally, patients also complain that their final result does not match the simulation. Pressure pain when wearing – especially after inserting a new splint – is also mentioned.

In some cases, the teeth have also migrated back to their original position after treatment completion. This makes it clear how important the retention phase is.

Testimonials about Smileunion aligners, teeth straightening and aftercare

Unlike competitors – such as DrSmile – there are currently hardly any blogs or vlogs outside of the classic evaluation portals in which patients report in detail about their experiences with Smileunion.

You can find some Smileunion experiences and before-and-after photos on the company’s homepage. However, you should be aware that the aligner provider naturally only shows positive examples on its own website.

There are also no Smileunion reviews on YouTube at the moment. However, the company has provided a clear guide for the correct use of the starter set on its channel:

Conclusion on the Smileunion experience: Do the aligners deliver what they promise?

The Smileunion experiences of former and current patients make it clear that discreet tooth correction with aligners is definitely possible.

Invisible dental trays actually work well in many cases and it is not an empty promise.

The Smileunion product is also one of the cheapest on the market – the company even gives a lowest price guarantee.

Of course, not all that glitters is gold here either. For example, we advise you not to use the starter set. This is a task better left to the experts.

Of course, it seems convenient to save an appointment and get impressions and photos done at home. However, dentists and orthodontists also warn against this practice.

We therefore recommend that you make an initial appointment with a professional in any case. However, while DrSmile, for example, works with over 100 partner practices in Germany alone, Smileunion only has around 20.

So if you don’t live in a major city, it’s a little harder to find a nearby collaborator here.

In addition, not all Smileunion partner practices offer 3D scanning – some still work with photos and impressions.

That is why DrSmile is our recommendation for your teeth straightening.

The company offers not only a good price-performance ratio but also a satisfaction guarantee in case you are not one hundred percent happy with the result.

Get 150 € discount on your dental correction!
Woman holding aligner and smiling with thumbs up

Book a consultation appointment now at a nearby DrSmile partner practice and find out if teeth straightening with aligners is right for you.

The appointment is completely non-binding and does not involve any costs.

With the code “THATSMILE150” you will receive 150 € discount on the treatment.

FAQs about experience with Smileunion

Here we answer a few more of the most frequently asked questions about experiences with Smileunion.

More articles and information about Smileunion can be found here.

Is the treatment with Smileunion safe?

In principle, treatment with Smileunion is not associated with any risks to dental health. This is because the aligners can be removed at any time and the teeth cleaned accordingly without any problems.

However, very good dental hygiene and regular cleaning of the aligners is important. Before starting treatment, a dentist should also check the condition of the teeth.

What is Smileunion?

Smileunion is a company from Wiesbaden, Germany, that sells invisible braces (aligners). These are able to perform uncomplicated anterior corrections discreetly.

Who is behind Smileunion?

Smileunion is a Wiesbaden-based provider of invisible aligner. The German company was founded in 2019 under the name SmartAlign and renamed Smileunion in January 2020.

Are aligners paid for by the health insurance?

The costs for aligner treatment are not a benefit of the statutory health insurance and must be borne by the customers themselves.

Some private health insurance companies, on the other hand, cover the costs. However, only if health restrictions are present.

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