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Invisible braces have been marketed under the PlusDental name in recent years. However, the company has been part of the Straumann Group since 2022.

Since then, DrSmile has been responsible for all PlusDental customers. Anyone who wants to start treatment now can only book it through DrSmile.

However, the products are identical – the function and treatment process and the price structure have been completely adapted.

With the invisible aligners from PlusDental (now: DrSmile), malocclusions of the anterior teeth can be corrected easily, painlessly, and relatively quickly.

This is made possible by transparent plastic aligners that fit snugly over the teeth and gradually push them into the desired position by applying constant pressure.

The aligners are virtually invisible to third parties. They thus enable discreet tooth correction, completely without unsightly wires and brackets.

Here you will find all the important information about the invisible aligners from PlusDental (now: DrSmile). We go into detail about prices, aftercare, and the treatment process.

We also reveal practical tips and tricks that make wearing invisible braces and retention easier.

Last but not least, we asked a PlusDental patient in detail about his experience with the clear aligner. Of course, we will also keep you updated on online and social media reviews.

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