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PlusDental Review: What patients say about the invisible aligners

How well do Plus Dental Aligners work in practice? The positive and negative PlusDental experiences of former and current patients.

Discreetly correct crooked teeth, small gaps between teeth and other misalignments – and all without annoying wires and brackets in the mouth.

More and more people want to have a more beautiful smile, hoping to somehow avoid the fixed braces they hated even in their childhood days.

Invisible alignerseem to be the ideal solution here. These so-called aligners are virtually invisible to third parties and enable inexpensive, fast and painless tooth correction.

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PlusDental is one of the best-known providers. Among other things, the aligner provider advertises a free consultation appointment, a satisfaction guarantee and free aftercare.

But how good are the products really and what are the PlusDental experiences of former patients? We took a closer look at the company.

First things first: PlusDental has been part of the Straumann Group since 2022. Specifically, this means that DrSmile is responsible for all Plus Dental customers from this point on. Accordingly, the two products are identical.

Woman holding aligner in hand with smile

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How does dental treatment with aligners actually work?

The term aligner refers to flexible plastic aligner. These are extremely thin and completely transparent. For outsiders, they are therefore hardly recognizable.

After insertion, the transparent splints fit snugly and accurately on the teeth. Due to their individual shape, they exert constant pressure on the teeth, ensuring that they are gradually pushed into the desired position.

Uncomplicated malocclusions of the anterior teeth can be discreetly corrected in this way within a few months.

However, this requires the aligners to be worn for 22 hours per day. They may only be removed for eating and dental care.

However, you can drink with the invisible braces without any problems. You should only take them out before consuming coloring beverages, which include red wine, cola, or black tea.

If you forget to do this too often, the aligners can gradually lose transparency and are no longer invisible.

Also, be sure to clean the invisible alignerafter consuming sugary drinks.

Smileunion offers the treatment only for adults over 18 years an. This is due to the fact that the dentition (jaws and teeth) may no longer be in growth.

PlusDental aligners are not suitable for serious malocclusions – such as a severe overbite and other types of malocclusion.

By the way, this is true for most providers, including Smileunion. Currently, only Invisalign products are considered for serious tooth correction.

PlusDental Treatment: Can malocclusions be corrected with aligners?

The principle sounds uncomplicated: In the first step, you can make a free initial appointment at a partner practice of your choice on the Plus Dental website.

The website currently still exists. However, you will notice that you will be redirected to DrSmile in the next step. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, we recommend you to book directly on the DrSmile website.

And so it goes on:

  • You make your initial appointment and receive detailed advice from a dentist or orthodontist at your selected partner practice.
  • The experts on site will also create a 3D scan of your teeth. Based on this, a simulation of the tooth correction is generated and a treatment plan including costs and treatment duration is determined.
  • Only if you decide in the next step for the treatment, a contract is concluded and costs are incurred.
  • Now it won’t be long before you get your custom-made aligners sent home by mail .
  • Invisible braces must be worn at least 22 hours per day and changed every two weeks.
  • You will be accompanied by experts via an app and the dental correction will be monitored throughout.
  • On average, the treatment lasts from 4 to 9 months.
  • The teeth are then stabilized with a retainer splint to prevent them from shifting back to their original position.

So far so good – but does it all work so smoothly in practice?

PlusDental experience: Dentist holds aligner upwards

PlusDental first-hand experience: A patient reports in an interview

Are you looking for first-hand experience withPlusDental? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We talked at length with a PlusDental. Boris has already completed his treatment and is currently in the retention phase.

Here he tells us about his positive and negative experiences with PlusDental and draws a conclusion about his treatment:

Boris, what prompted you to submit an inquiry to PlusDental?

“Even as a teenager, I would have actually needed braces because of a gap in my teeth. However, the fuss with the adjustable braces that were common at the time and the many appointments with the orthodontist put me off.

Nevertheless, I wanted to have something done to the gap later for cosmetic reasons and waited for some kind of “microinvasive” and as inconspicuous as possible solution for this.

So when I stumbled across an advertising banner with the transparent rails, there was no stopping me.”

Did you find booking an appointment with PlusDental complicated?

“Very straightforward. It was super fast and smooth.”

How well did you feel you were advised in your partner practice?

“Very good. It was a dentist in a popular practice here in Augsburg. The examination and 3D scan were very accurate and meticulous.

The dentist even wore aligners himself and was thus able to allay some of my reservations about the splint solution in everyday life based on his own experience.”

How was your PlusDental classified?

“Medium, although in addition to the gap in my teeth, I still had pretty pronounced canines that kept getting pushed outward like “fangs.” I would have expected it to be ranked more difficult.”

Did you pay for the treatment at PlusDental in installments or in full?

“I found the installment plan convenient because I hardly felt the monthly charge. So it was not a hurdle financially to book the treatment.”

How long did it take after the consultation appointment before you could start wearing the splints?

“Since the splints were made especially for me, it took a couple of weeks for the package to arrive.”

Was the first insertion of the PlusDental aligners uncomplicated?

“Putting it in and taking it out was a bit of a challenge the first time. After all, there is an unusually high tension on the teeth and you secretly wonder if you will ever get the rails out again.

Brace wearers certainly know the feeling better. After a few days, though, things started to get a lot easier.”

Did you have any pain while carrying or any problems with the Spreaching?

“Other than the severe tightness at the very beginning, I had no real pain. Speaking went quite as usual after a few days of practice, even without a lisp or anything like that.”

How long did your PlusDental treatment last? When did you see the first results?

“I could see the first results after just a few weeks. The whole treatment took about 5 months for me, if I remember correctly.”

How well were you able to integrate the splints into your everyday life?

“Without problems. During my lunch break or when I have a snack in between, I disappear briefly into the bathroom to wash my hands before eating. At the same time, I take out my splint and stow it in the small box.

Drinks, yogurts or ice cream are no problem with the rails used anyway. Just chewing hard foods can cause the rails to bend or even break.”

What were your negative experiences with PlusDental?

“It was just a little unusual in the beginning to fiddle around with the mouth in the morning and evening, or sometimes in between meals. But after a short time, a routine sets in – similar to, for example, wearing or caring for contact lenses

Of course, it’s a bit of a limitation, for example, for quick snacks in between meals, but I don’t really see that as a bad thing.”

How satisfied are you with the PlusDental result?

“Very satisfied. I find it much easier to smile in a relaxed way. I also like looking at myself in pictures a lot more now.”

What is the retention process with PlusDental?

“I continue to wear the retainer splints very regularly, often day and night, much like the corrective splints before.

Since my tooth gap was very pronounced, I notice that it reappears quite easily if I leave the retainers off for a whole day or longer.

That is why you should continue to wear the retainers regularly. I voluntarily stay on a little more than specified, it’s worth it to me.

I also feel that the retainers keep my teeth from grinding at night – a pleasant side effect.”

What tips do you have for anyone starting to wear?

“I immediately bought denture cleaning tablets for daily care and always bathe the splints in them in the morning and evening at home or on vacation.

As a coffee or tea drinker, this is certainly recommended so that they stay nice and clear for a long time before the next set of rails.

Because every now and then, you do get too lazy to take the aligners out before every “staining” drink.”

A little conclusion to your Plus Dental experience?

“I am very happy with the result and would do it again anytime and also advise anyone to do it. With such a simple solution, no one needs to fret about crooked teeth these days.”

Man holds aligner in hand and makes grimace

PlusDental experience at the Trustpilot rating portal

When searching for Plus Dental experiences on the Internet, rating portals are a good place to start. One of them is Trustpilot.

Trustpilot is an independent company that collects reviews from customers, and makes them publicly available.

PlusDental and its invisible braces receive an overall rating of 4.2/5 points here (as of January 2023).

PlusDental has already received a total of 2296 reviews, 81% of which were in the very good range (4 and 5 stars). 19% of users share more negative experiences with Plus Dental on the platform and rate the company with 1, 2 or 3 stars.

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Woman holding aligner and smiling with thumbs up

Book a consultation appointment now at a nearby DrSmile partner practice and find out if teeth straightening with aligners is right for you.

The appointment is completely non-binding and does not involve any costs.

With the code “THATSMILE150” you will receive 150 € discount on the treatment.

Positive PlusDental experiences: What is praised by users?

On the Trustpilot platform, patients especially praise the partner practices visited at the start of treatment.

The friendliness of the staff, the uncomplicated procedure, the short waiting time, and the professional advice were positively highlighted. Including the 3D scan, the preliminary examination usually took less than half an hour.

Patients whose treatment course is more advanced also share positive experiences .

Here, many comments positively highlight the telephone support, the app, the simple processing, as well as service and advice.

Many comments also praise the quality of the aligners, the relatively painless treatment and the good treatment result.

Woman holding aligner and smiling with thumbs up

Negative experiences with PlusDental: What do patients criticize?

Of course, we also don’t want to let the negative experiences with PlusDental fall by the wayside here. When doing your research, however, you should always keep in mind that users tell about bad experiences much more often than positive ones.

First things first: A clear trend is emerging on popular rating platforms such as Trustpilot and – but also on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Here, the PlusDental experience has deteriorated since the merger with the Straumann Group and negative reports are becoming more frequent.

Since there often seems to be a lack of communication, we therefore recommend that you book your dental treatment directly with DrSmile.

Other negative experiences with PlusDental include problems with the shipment of the splints and customer service, as well as with communication in general.

Occasionally, patients report that the teeth have shifted again after completion of the treatment. This makes it clear how important the retention phase is.

Testimonials about PlusDental aligner, teeth straightening and aftercare.

In addition to the classic evaluation portals, you will also find many blogs and vlogs online in which patients report in detail about their PlusDental experiences.

For example, in this article, one of the authors from the blog Pineapplejuice talks in great detail about the positive and negative experiences she had in the process of correcting her misaligned teeth .

Instead of fixed braces, she opted for the aligners from PlusDental and has not regretted the step.

After 10 months of treatment, she concludes that both treatment and counseling and guidance have been very positive. She is very satisfied with the result.

You can also find a lot of information and a personal experience report in this detailed vlog on Linda’s YouTube channel:

Conclusion on the subject of PlusDental experience: Do the aligners deliver what they promise?

The PlusDental experiences of former and current patients make it clear that discreet tooth correction with aligners is definitely possible.

Invisible dental trays actually work well in many cases and it is not an empty promise.

Of course, there are not only users who have had positive experiences. But that’s likely to be the case with any business – online or offline.

Teeth and jaws can easily hurt, it can press uncomfortably during insertion and the wearing time of 22 hours per day as well as the retention actually require a lot of discipline.

In conclusion, however, we would once again advise you to book your dental correction directly with DrSmile. Because, as already mentioned, the two companies were merged.

The product has since been sold only under the DrSmile brand, although the PlusDental website continues to exist.

However, some PlusDental testimonials make it clear that communication via the direct route (i.e. a booking via DrSmile) seems to work better.

DrSmile also offers a satisfaction guarantee, so the first follow-up treatment is always free if you are dissatisfied.

Get 150 € discount on your dental correction!
Woman holding aligner and smiling with thumbs up

Book a consultation appointment now at a nearby DrSmile partner practice and find out if teeth straightening with aligners is right for you.

The appointment is completely non-binding and does not involve any costs.

With the code “THATSMILE150” you will receive 150 € discount on the treatment.

FAQs on the subject of experience with PlusDental

Here we answer a few more of the most frequently asked questions about the PlusDental experience.

You can find more articles and information about PlusDental here.

Which is better: PlusDental or DrSmile?

Just like PlusDental, DrSmile was acquired by the Straumann Group in 2022. Due to the merger, PlusDental’s product is now identical to DrSmile’s.

However, the products are now sold exclusively under the DrSmile name, so it is easier to book directly through this provider.

Which is better: Invisalign or PlusDental?

PlusDental invisible braces are significantly cheaper and therefore offer better value for money. However, they can only be used for uncomplicated anterior corrections.

Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, can correct up to 90 percent of all orthodontic cases. Accordingly, they are suitable for serious malocclusions of teeth and jaws

For whom is PlusDental not suitable?

PlusDental can be used to treat mild to moderate dental malocclusions. In the case of complex malocclusions and malocclusions, however, the aligners reach their limits.

The treatment is designed for adults 18 years and older and therefore not suitable for children and adolescents.

Is treatment with PlusDental painful?

The feelings of pressure that can occur after the first insertion of a splint or after changing the splint usually disappear in a relatively short time. However, tooth correction with PlusDental is basically painless.

DrSmile experience: Young woman at the dentist gets aligners
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