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DrSmile before/after: patients share their success stories

Tooth gap, crowding or crossbite: let these DrSmile before/after pictures and success stories inspire you.

Straight teeth and a beautiful smile – and all without annoying wires and brackets in the mouth. In recent years, invisible dental splints have set completely new standards.

The so-called aligners enable discreet tooth correction in just a few months and are also almost always affordable.

In this way, adults whose dental correction was missed at a young age can finally fulfill their dream of beautiful teeth.

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Woman holding aligner and smiling with thumbs up

Book a consultation appointment now at a nearby DrSmile partner practice and find out if teeth straightening with aligners is right for you.

The appointment is completely non-binding and does not involve any costs.

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You are thinking about a tooth correction with invisible braces yourself or maybe you are already in the middle of it?

Then we have some really great DrSmile before/after success stories for you here, which you can use as a little incentive for your own tooth correction.

The DrSmile before/after pictures make it clear that treatment with aligners leads to a great result in many cases.

You can find more information about DrSmile here.

DrSmile before/after photos - woman inserts aligners in mouth

DrSmile before/after: what the invisible dental trays can achieve

Almost all invisible dental trays (an exception are the products of Invisalign) can only be used for mild to moderate tooth misalignments.

Therefore, DrSmile aligners also reach their limits in cases of severe tooth and jaw misalignments.

This fact often deters consumers. When they look in the mirror, they often consider their own malocclusion to be much more serious than it actually is.

In fact, DrSmile ‘s invisible braces can also correct extremely crooked teeth (often caused by crowding), gaps between teeth and, in some cases, malocclusions such as overbite, underbite or crossbite.

The DrSmile before/after pictures show quite clearly what impressive results the invisible braces can now achieve.

Therefore, don’t let yourself be deterred right away and instead take advantage of a free, no-obligation consultation appointment.

Here you will find out within a very short time whether your individual malpositioned teeth are suitable for treatment and what costs you should expect.

Dr Smile before and after: crowding

Crowding is one of the most common dental malocclusions. Here, the space in the jaw is not sufficient for all the teeth.

On the one hand, this can have health consequences, because the more difficult dental care often leads to caries and periodontitis.

But crowding also has unattractive visual effects: The teeth are often crooked or rotated in the jaw – in some cases, the teeth do not even grow out completely.

Aylin from Hamburg had her crowded teeth treated with DrSmile ‘s invisible dental trays.

She herself says about her treatment:

“My teeth used to be very close together. Over the years, this has bothered me extremely. Fortunately, I discovered DrSmile. The care was super professional and I could see changes very quickly.”

Aylin, 28

Her before/afteraligner photos also speak for themselves:

DrSmile before/after pictures: Crooked teeth due to crowding and lack of space

Dr Smile before/after: crossbite

If the posterior teeth do not close correctly when you bite down, this is called a crossbite.

In dentistry, a distinction is made between a unilateral crossbite, a bilateral crossbite and a head bite.

In crossbite, the posterior teeth of the upper jaw can be either too far inward (toward the palate) or the posterior teeth of the lower jaw can be too far outward (toward the cheek).

The crossbite is very common. It can cause joint pain, speech disorders, tension and problems with chewing.

It can also be a major visual burden, as it makes the teeth or rows of teeth appear irregular.

Stephanie from Leipzig had her crossbite treated with DrSmile ‘s invisible dental splints.

Here’s how she comments on her DrSmile results:

“My crooked teeth made me feel tense and totally uncomfortable when I laughed. DrSmile ‘s clear dental trays are an absolutely cool alternative to fixed braces for me.”

Stephanie, 33

Her DrSmile before/after pictures also show a great result:

DrSmile before/after photos: Crossbite

DrSmile experience before/after: crooked teeth

Crooked teeth are not always the result of malocclusions, which in the worst case can also affect health.

Patients often decide to have their teeth straightened with invisible aligners solely for optical reasons.

In fact, one or more crooked teeth are relatively common. Even if fixed braces were already worn in the teenage years.

This is because teeth move throughout life, and even following tooth correction with fixed braces, they often move back into their original position without sufficient retention.

Henry from Hamburg had his crooked teeth straightened with DrSmile ‘s invisible dental trays.

drsmile before: after

Extremely crooked teeth before/after: This is how he rates his Dr Smile results:

“When I was young, I simply could not afford to have my teeth straightened. Over the years, the situation has put a massive strain on me. Over a year ago, I came across DrSmile. Finally, there was a way to straighten my teeth quickly and inexpensively. […] DrSmile ‘s aligner system works and has definitely improved my quality of life.”

Henry, 39

His DrSmile before/after photos speak for themselves:

DrSmile before and after pictures: Crooked teeth due to crowding and lack of space

DrSmile before/after: Tooth gap (diastema)

The gap between the teeth (diastema) is a controversial issue. Some wear them with pride and even see them as a kind of statement thanks to Madonna, Vanessa Paradis & Co.

After all, it shows self-confidence and character to accept or even celebrate small blemishes.

But as always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While some people feel comfortable with their small and large gaps between their teeth, others find them unaesthetic and would rather get rid of them yesterday than today.

Both are absolutely fine, of course. Fortunately, if you’re uncomfortable with your gap in your teeth, it’s uncomplicated to fix the problem these days.

In most cases, there is no medical necessity to close the gap between the teeth. It should be treated only if it causes speech disorders or displacement of teeth.

Jakub from Frankfurt an der Oder had his gap between his teeth closed with DrSmile ‘s invisible dental trays.

With a competitor, the first cost estimate was just under 7000 euros. However, that would have been prohibitively expensive for him as an 18-year-old.

During his no-obligation consultation appointment with DrSmile, he was not only offered a significantly lower price. He could also use the option to pay for the dental correction in installments.

Transparent aligner before/after. He himself says about his treatment:

“It started with the fact that I had a pretty big gap in my teeth and I didn’t like to smile in conversations because of that. […] The nice thing about DrSmile braces is that they are completely transparent. No one notices when you wear them. […] Since I finished treatment, I’m much more confident and I smile a lot more – especially in photos.”

Jakub, 21

His DrSmile before/after pictures show a near perfect result:

DrSmile before and after photos: Tooth gap (diastema)

Dr Smile before/after pictures on YouTube

You can also find many DrSmile before/after pictures as well as personal experiences and success stories on YouTube.

Many of the protagonists also give you exciting insights into their no-obligation consultation appointment and their everyday life with the dental trays.

One of them is the beauty influencer Patrick:

A short conclusion about Dr Smile before and after

The DrSmile before/after photos clearly show that treatment with aligners leads to a great result in many cases.

We hope that we have been able to inspire you a little with this article and maybe even help you decide for or against invisible braces.

As already mentioned, the first appointment at DrSmile is always free of charge and without obligation. So you can’t go wrong with a personal consultation.

Costs are incurred only when you decide to undergo treatment and sign the treatment plan, which you will receive after the initial appointment.

DrSmile offers very good value for money and good reviews. Only high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies are used in the production “made in Germany & USA”.

Through the app, the course of treatment is regularly monitored and kept in view by dentists and orthodontists. Last but not least, DrSmile offers a satisfaction promise.

Get 150 € discount on your dental correction!
Woman holding aligner and smiling with thumbs up

Book a consultation appointment now at a nearby DrSmile partner practice and find out if teeth straightening with aligners is right for you.

The appointment is completely non-binding and does not involve any costs.

With the code “THATSMILE150” you will receive 150 € discount on the treatment.

FAQs about DrSmile experience before/after

Finally, we answer a few frequently asked questions about DrSmile before and after.

You can find more articles and information about DrSmile here.

For whom is DrSmile suitable?

DrSmile aligners can be used to treat mild to moderate tooth misalignments in patients 18 years of age and older. In the case of serious malocclusions, invisible braces reach their limits.

For whom is DrSmile not suitable?

DrSmile aligners are not suitable for people whose teeth and jaws are still growing. Therefore, the company offers the dental correction only for patients over 18 years of age. Aligners are also generally not suitable for severe malocclusions.

Can you smoke with DrSmile?

Be sure to remove the aligners before smoking. Otherwise, they may become discolored – even unappetizing coatings may appear.

How much do DrSmile splints cost?

The cost of DrSmile ranges from 1790 euros to 3190 euros – depending on the severity of the malocclusion. Only in very rare cases the price can exceed this range. Unfortunately, health insurance does not usually pay for the correction of teeth in adults.

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