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DrSmile or PlusDental: Which provider is better?

DrSmile or PlusDental: You want to know which aligner provider is better? In this article we will help you decide.

Invisible braces continue to be a success and are now offered by countless companies worldwide.

Absolutely understandable, because after all, the so-called aligners are a small miracle weapon against misaligned teeth and the accompanying dissatisfaction with one’s own smile.

The transparent alignerallow completely discreet teeth straightening in just a few months.

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In addition, the treatment is painless and affordable for almost everyone. These compelling arguments ensure that more and more people are interested in treatment with aligners.

So it’s no wonder that countless companies want to jump on the success bandwagon and include invisible braces in their range.

On the one hand, this stimulates business, which is positive for consumers. On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right provider.

We would like to support you in your search and therefore deal in this article with the question: DrSmile or PlusDental – Which provider is better?

You can find more information about DrSmile here.

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DrSmile or PlusDental: Since 2022 the question is superfluous

The most important thing right from the start: Since 2022, the question “DrSmile or PlusDental?” actually no longer arises.

This is because PlusDental has been part of the Straumann Group since mid-2022. This is an internationally active company from Switzerland that specializes in implant-supported and restorative dentures, oral tissue regeneration and orthodontics.

Straumann Holding AG has more than 20 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. PlusDental was purchased for 131 million euros.

Around two years earlier, the Straumann Group had also acquired a significant majority stake in DrSmile.

The company also committed to significant further investment to fund growth through to full acquisition in the future.

Unlike PlusDental, however, DrSmile will remain an independent company, managed by its founders and continuing to operate from its headquarters in Berlin.

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Köning, Chairman at Berufsverband der Deutschen Kieferorthopäden e.V., has the following to say about the changes:

“Straumann’s expertise in medical device manufacturing is unquestioned. However, the company must now also guarantee that these medical devices are used properly in the treatment of PlusDental and DrSmile customers.”

DrSmile or PlusDental: Where can I book a treatment now?

You no longer have to ask yourself the question “DrSmile or PlusDental?” when looking for the right aligner provider – because the two companies now belong together.

For some time it was still possible to request the tooth correction via the PlusDental website. Here, however, interested parties have already been made aware that PlusDental is now only marketed under the name DrSmile.

In the meantime, however, the PlusDental site no longer exists. Customers are simply told:PlusDental is now DrSmile – you will be redirected to DrSmile customer service, who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

After a few seconds, the user is automatically redirected to the DrSmile homepage, where consumers can obtain information and book an initial appointment.

Man holds invisible brace in hand and points to it.

And what about customers who are already undergoing treatment at PlusDental?

DrSmile is now also responsible for all PlusDental customers. Patients can get answers to the most important questions about the switch at the DrSmile Help Center and via the DrSmile contact form on the homepage.

However, we would like to give you some information in this article:

  • A free refinement is still possible for PlusDental customers. As with the original treatment, a 3D scan must be made again here. The appointment can be made via the DrSmile homepage.
  • Anyone who needs an appointment for approximal enamel reduction (ASR) or attachment removal can request one via the contact form with the subjectPlusDental IPR appointment”.
  • The PlusDental was discontinued as of 12/21/2022. Since the data may not be transferred to the DrSmile app for data protection reasons, the process for online check-ups is now done by mail.
  • All PlusDental wire retainer orders have been cancelled and refunded. However, DrSmile will provide a two-year warranty for all retainers already in place.
  • The installment payment for the dental correction continues as usual.

A brief conclusion on the subject of DrSmile or PlusDental

Together, DrSmile and PlusDental have helped over 100,000 patients achieve a more beautiful smile.

The expertise of the two companies combined with the Straumann Group’s in-depth experience in orthodontics provide ideal conditions for a first-class product and smooth tooth correction.

We can therefore continue to recommend dental correction with DrSmile with a clear conscience.

Because the company offers excellent value for money and scores with very good communication and positive reviews.

Currently you get an additional 150 € discount on your dental correction.

Only high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies are used in the production “made in Germany & USA”.

Through the app, the course of treatment is regularly monitored and kept in view by dentists and orthodontists. Last but not least, DrSmile offers a satisfaction promise.

Get 150 € discount on your dental correction!
Woman holding aligner and smiling with thumbs up

Book a consultation appointment now at a nearby DrSmile partner practice and find out if teeth straightening with aligners is right for you.

The appointment is completely non-binding and does not involve any costs.

With the code “THATSMILE150” you will receive 150 € discount on the treatment.

FAQs on the topic of DrSmile or PlusDental

Here we answer a few more of the most frequently asked questions about DrSmile or PlusDental.

You can find more articles and information about DrSmile here.

Which is better: Invisalign or DrSmile?

DrSmile invisible braces are significantly cheaper and therefore offer better value for money. However, they can only be used for uncomplicated anterior corrections. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, can correct up to 90 percent of all orthodontic cases. Accordingly, they are suitable for serious malocclusions of teeth and jaw.

For whom is DrSmile not suitable?

DrSmile can treat mild to moderate dental malocclusions. In the case of complex malocclusions and malocclusions, however, the aligners reach their limits.

How long do retainers from DrSmile have to be worn?

In many cases retainers should be worn for life, as teeth can shift into old age. For the first eight weeks after treatment, the aligners must be worn 22 hours per day for 8 weeks. After that, it is often sufficient if they are only used at night. However, the recommended duration of wearing a retainer is at least the duration of the previously performed dental treatment.

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